Alexandria and Azad are Moving!

January 3, 2021

Alex and I work together as graphic designers and have become good friends over the years. We have also been talking houses with each other. When I took these photos back in late June, Alex and Azad were living in an apartment and were ending their lease to move in with Azad’s parents to prepare to buy their first home. If you know our local markets, you are aware of how fast real estate is moving. Getting rid of their lease was a smart if not necessary step to give them the flexibility to buy a home in a highly competitive market.

Alex and I had a few happy hours together to discuss how living with parents, in a basement was going. Does this sound familiar? Well, it was their move that inspired us to take the same gradual approach. I’m now blogging their session because this November they found their dream home and moved in! They are now unpacking these boxes, painting, and playing with their dog Mila in their beautiful backyard!

I’ve wanted to do a moving session for a while now. I think this is one of the BIG life moments, right up their with graduation, weddings, and babies but it’s the least documented. I think partially because it’s a really work heavy time. So I’m very greatful to them for letting me use them as a test case- it’s worth taking a quick hour to mark your move in or move out!

We want to do a moving session!
Fantastic! The best time to do it when the house or apartment is vacant. We’ll bring a few boxes in as props but when the house is empty, it gives us so much room to create creative images and keep the images from feeling cluttered. This also helps you stay relaxed- you’re not looking around at work to do. And clothing is simple- casual, relaxed and natural makeup (just like Alex and Azad). It should only take you a hour at most to get ready.

Another fun twist on this would be to do a home project for your photoshoot. Painting or gardening can be a really fun activity to photograph- plus you’ll actually finish the session with work done (well, kinda).



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