Matt and Joanna’s Ellicott City Engagement Session

May 25, 2021

I’ll admit we got off to a rough foot. For the first time ever, we showed up to our chosen location and it was closed. We both checked the hours but for whatever reason-gates were locked. This is why I schedule extra time in our sessions. We did some quick googling in a parking lot and found a park in Ellicott City just 9 minutes from where were were and drove over. We had no idea what to expect but when we saw the graffitti walls we knew we hit gold.

Matt and Jo did not want something ultra traditional for their engagement session. They are a fun couple who like a little edge. I also love that Matt is the one taking the lead in a lot of the wedding planning- break the mold Matt! He was excited for the engagement session and I could see was a little worried that Jo’s endless giggles was too much. Nope! Real laughter looks great on camera and more importantly, was a real reflection of their personalities and relationship.

I always save the romantic poses for a little later in the session- once we all get to know each other (I know it’s weird to have someone both photographing and directing passionate kisses). But oh boy- these two were on fire. Hollywood worthy dips and then we went down to the river. I don’t know what it is but the second you step in the water, everything feels more romantic. What a note to end on.

We’ll see them again very soon- their wedding is at the end of May in just two weeks!



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