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I only have 5 cousins, all on my mothers side of my family. My oldest cousin Michael was born first, and we always say our grandmother prayed a little too hard for a granddaughter because she wound up with 4- less than 6 months apart from each other! And then William came along 7 years […]

Proffesional Man, headshot

There is one benefit to the Coronavirus social distancing efforts- places that are normally fairly busy are suddenly empty making it the perfect time to do some socially distant headshots. (Those zoom lenses are finally being put to use.) Headshots are incredibly valuable for any professional in any field. LinkedIn is still one of the […]

“In Sickness and in health” has a new meaning. How do plan a wedding with all the fear of Cornoavirus? There is a lot of panic circulating now that Covid-19 is in the US, and very present throughout the globe. Just as I am writing this, the first cases in Maryland have been confirmed. This is causing a great deal […]

Hi! I’m Christine Baumgarten, the photographer behind Silver Orchard Creative. Instead of a long story about my life, let’s keep it short and sweet with 7 fun tidbits about my life. Silver Orchard Creative is a play on my last name, Baumgarten, which means Tree Garden, or Orchard, in German. I started my business 10 […]


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