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When we arrived at Crofton Country Club Kayla was in high spirits, getting her hair done. Her bridesmaids were so incredibly helpful! The girls helped me collect her details and set up. They kept me company for a while, happily chatting away. It was honestly a really lovely start to the day. As we wrapped up details we got ready to go see Will. “He is a little nervous” a bridesmaid confided, which he shortly there after confirmed to us directly. “I’m just ready to see her.” He said to us. Meanwhile his boys are arguing over pocket square designs and one guy is missing his pants (he found them). I love weddings!!!

For their first look, we found a secluded spot. As we walked over Kayla told me “Ok, now I’m nervous! I just need to see him.” Almost verbatim his previous comment. When he turned around to look at her he just softly exclaimed “Wow!” looking at her dress from all angles. Once he was done complimenting and hugging her they decided to read each other their vows privately. I LOVE this new tradition. I think being alone makes it so much easier to read the your vows with the emotion you truly want. There were many tears by both of them but it was such a powerful moment.

We did some portraits with them and the bridal party but so quickly we were on to the ceremony. Massive shoutout to their friend Brian who officiated. He did such a wonderful job- humorous yet meaningful and sincere. There were equal parts tears and laughs- a good combo.

Once we finished family formals Crofton Country Club took us all on a golf cart tour of the venue! I hopped in with Kayla and Will- with Will driving. Im not sure why but golf cart rides on a wedding day are always thrilling. Our forecast for the day was grey, possible rain so it was amazing that the day was so clear and sunny. Our sunset session was just magical- perfect light, a gorgeous couple. I love that this is the one time couples can relax- no small talk, just a little time to stare at each other and take in the fact they are now married.
Now we had to put Kayla and Will’s theory to the test – would they have the massive party we were predicting? Uhhh HECK YES! The wedding party got us kicked off with some super fun entrances. Ashley delivered one heck of a toast. I know she was nervous but she somehow gave a truly sweet, emotional toast with these really subtly delivered but high impact roasts – that also never crossed into the inappropriate. Master class. And hilarious. Jim, the best man and Will’s brother truly matched Ashley in his toast; a little bit more sweet but he got his funny stories in as well.

Then the party started! Everyone poured on to the dance floor and at one point we gathered everyone around so Kayla and will could take their shot-ski shot with all their friends and family around them. I know after I left the party continued at a local bar with late night Taco Bell! Not a bad way to start your married life!

Congratulations Kayla and Will! You had a beautiful wedding and I’m so glad I get to see you again soon!

Photography | Silver Orchard Creative 
Venue | Crofton Country Club 
Hair Artist | Cooper Grace Hair and Makeup 
Make-Up | Cooper Grace Hair and Makeup 
Florist | Sola Wood Flowers (wooden flowers) 
Officiant | Brian Mayhew (Family Friend) 
DJ | Baltimore’s Premier Event Solutions
Bridal Dress | Amanda Ritchey Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Azazie
Groom and Groomsmen Suit | Stitch and Tie 
Videographer | Sargas Media 


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