Hawaii Pt 4: When You Travel with a Photographer



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One of the best perks (or hazards) of traveling with a photographer is they document the trip and of course will ask you to do a photography session on a beach with lava stones and palm trees.

Thank goodness I was traveling with Chris and Tawny. No one is more comfortable in front of the camera than these two because it’s their job to document their trips. So not only were they willing, but helped plan the session. We considered “best beach” but settled for this spot for 2 reasons- it was 5 minutes from our hotel but also because it was the closest beach with lava rocks on the beach. I thought that was the distinguishing look of a Hawaii beach from any other beach with palm trees. And the leis helped.

There was also another bonus to travel with these two. Not only are they totally game for a family session but they themselves are photographers/videographers which meant they were completely comfortable taking my camera and doing a session for Ryan and I! So one of my big photography bucket list items was checked off- a photo session in Hawaii. Anyone want to get married or have a vow renewal?

And a special treat for my parents out there- check out the very last photo. When you see all these “perfect family photos”- just know its all a lie. Family sessions are chaotic by nature and we are just hoping for lightning! The final photo is the most accurate image. We had 5, maybe 8 minutes with these kids and then they went face first into the waves and wet sand!

And here is a bonus if you made it all the way through- some behind the scenes to see how ridiculous it looks when your dressed for a photoshoot and shooting another one! I just tucked my dress up and it worked pretty well! Thank you Ryan for grabbing these!


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