The Gardens at Bethlehem Farm Wedding: Alexa and Logan



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Alex and Logans wedding put all vendor relationships to the test. In fact they are practically the case study of why it is so important to trust the people you hire. The forecast for the day included the dreaded R word- rain. However it called for off an on showers. No biggie. I got the venue early to scope out indoor locations if the rain hit at a bad time. The ceremony and reception were all tucked indoors and completely ready for photographs by the time I arrived.

By the time I finished details the guys had arrived, and were dressed, ready to go. The girls needed a little more time, and the first band of rain was on its way. First moment of trust- I asked to move the guys portraits up since they were ready early and dely the girls. As Logan and the guys walked with me outside, you could see the storm clouds a few miles off. We had the groomsmen and groom portraits done in 10 minutes flat- the rain just starting to hit as we walked (quickly) back to the suite. While the storm raged, I did getting ready photos with Alexa and her portraits indoors.

Then came the first look with her father proving that rain wasn’t the only liquid falling today. I fluffed her dress, and went to get her father who was waiting in the hall- he already had tears welling in his eyes when I asked if he was ready to see his baby girl. We then spent the next 5 minutes all crying!

Next moment of trust- I told Alexa we would push her outdoor bridal portraits and bridesmaids portraits till after the ceremony. Instead, I went to photograph the ceremony space and reception and prepare for the ceremony. This may be a small detail but is shows how much of a team player their vendor was. Their coordinator Marta came up to ask if I had a preference on if I wanted the barn doors open or closed during the ceremony – knowing their position would effect the lighting. Even the knowledge to ask such a question really shows how much they care about their couples.

We moved their family formals inside the barn because even though sunlight was streaming in during their ceremony, storm clouds once again threatened the day. In fact, we had to move to hand signals at one point during the photos because hail started to hit the barn so hard, you couldn’t even yell over the noise.

But then it stopped- just as we were ready to do portraits with the wedding party. And not just stopped but bright sun burst through the clouds. I know the bottoms of the dresses all got soaked, and major props to the girls for being such trooper but it meant that all their portraits were bright and glowing.

Due to all the weather we wound up 20 minutes behind schedule leaving us with 15 minutes for their portraits. Logan smiled-“We remember the engagement session, we got this.” We took close to 50 portraits in 10 minutes. So fast we had time to move to a second location before needing to get ready for announcement into the reception.

Final moment of trust. Alexa really wanted photos out on the tan field but because the sun was so bright during their portrait time I asked her to wait for sunset…which I then had to move up because another storm was coming in. Yes, thats the 3rd one. Her dress was wiping around in the wind and hair blowing everywhere and it was stunning! 10 minutes after we returned under cover- torrential rain. You can imagine my suprise when 45 minutes later I walked past the a window and was blinded by golden light- the sun came out for a perfect sunset. They rallied one final time for a 5 minute session, including their sweet baby girl Hensley.

I know the weather must have been causing some level of stress but Alexa and Logan’s go with the flow attitude and willingness to be flexible, breaking up their portraits into smaller chunks wound up working to their advantage. They wound up with some incredible images, with such a variety! Plus their entire vendor team stayed equally flexible allowing all of us to give them a great day!

Photography | Silver Orchard Creative 
Venue | The Gardens at Bethlehem Farm
Wedding Planner | Affairs Extraordinaire by Marta
Hair Artist | Hair By Ally Seigle 
Make-Up | @xo_eryka_xo 
Florist |  La’Brands Florist
Officiant | Cathy Shultheis- The Groom’s godmother 
DJ | @dj_calico 
Caterer | Superior Catering 
Bridal Dress | Cameo Bridal Salon
Groom and Groomsmen Suit | Mens Wearhouse


  1. Courtney says:

    beautiful! You captured so many details, love the sunset portraits!

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