A Backyard Micro-Wedding in DC



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Brianna and I went to College together and I was so excited to see when she got engaged. I was more excited when she reached out to say that they were going to plan a pandemic micro-wedding in their backyard in the suburbs near DC.

I think Briana has a career in wedding planning should she want it. Oh my gosh. All the decor was fall perfect and so professionally executed. The balance of color and textures just made my heart sing!

Besides the decor, their wedding highlighted what I love most about the micro-wedding trend. It’s highly intimate, with a focus on family, friends, and even community. We have to remember before the “wedding industry” was born, our communities helped crowd source our wedding needs. For their wedding, only their absolute immediate family was there. One of their good friends cater their dinner out of their kitchen- roasted veggies, pumpkin ravioli, and 3 amazing roasted chickens. Their neighbor made their wedding cake.

It’s the care, and love that everyone put into their day that took their wedding from “just physically beautiful” to a moving moment. I hope Micro-weddings are here to stay- the detail, the care, and the love make them so memorable.


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