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I met Danielle and Steven, at the beginning of the year. As we met at a Panera, we joked- I’m sure this Covid thing won’t be a big deal. Now in October, we have seen the full life span of it- the super scary of April, the relative calm of the summer and now the kind of normalcy? Through the whole year, they have remained focused on their November date.

I really like Danielle and Steven. They have the right balance of excitement for their day but also a pragmatism that I think its really serving them well in this pandemic. I can see why they found each other. And I know why Danielle and I click- she has a great sense of vision and attention to detail. She is one of those girls who want things to look beautiful and knows how to execute that vision.

When I saw her round the corner in her white dress, with the outrageously beautiful pattern/texture all I could think was “yes”. Elegant, refined, and simple- that Coco Chanel look. And ohhh goodness- her eyes are just captivating. What I really love is that Steven holds his own with such a beauty on his arm. His is polished, fitted, and classically handsome. They compliment each other so beautifully in images and I can’t wait for their wedding. If this is magnetism we get for engagement photos, just wait until he is in a suit and she is in a long white dress.


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