A Rainy Intimate Silo Falls Wedding: Matt and Jo



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Everyone asks “How do you handle rain on a wedding day”. This is how….

First you should know, Matt cared a lot about this day- he has a great eye for detail and a vision of what the day should look like. I know some called it groom-zilla tendencies but I would not agree. He cared. He wanted the day to be beautiful for him and Jo. He understands (just like every wedding professional) that while the centerpieces don’t make or break a wedding day, they contribute to the ambience and romance of the day. And yes, getting it right matters. The details matter. No it wont be the end of the world if something is off….but having it right makes things magical.

Which was why I was heartbroken when their dreams of an outdoor ceremony and reception under the cafe lights were completely ruined by rain. We had been having very strong thunderstorms all week and it became clear, it was going to rain for sure, no maybes or “wait and see”. It was going to really rain. Matt and Jo took it in stride. They moved the ceremony into Silo Fall’s cozy fireplace room. The reception in a light filled hall. And the three of us game planned.

On rain days, I get there early, always. I walk every bit of the property to have a list in my head of where the spots are we can take photos inside and out. And for the outside spots, which have full cover (like the gazebo), which have partial cover, that we can only do if it is drizzling. We proceeded with the getting ready, and then went down to the ceremony, where Matt’s custom playlist carried the moment. They poured sand from each of their home states into a jar, they said vows and had a kiss.

Just as we finished family formals we looked outside and the rain had lightened so we made break for the gazebo for photos. And then the rain stopped. It was practically a miracle! We got through 3 or 4 spots before we had to head in for the reception. We weren’t there for more than 5 minutes before the heavens opened up and a torrent of rain was unleashed hurricane levels of rain. It was unbelievable and the luck of our timing struck me in particular. Had we spent even 5 minutes longer, we would gotten caught. However, we were safe and dry listening to speeches, dancing, and eating cake.

I know rain is never what anyone wants but it can still be beautiful! Matt and Jo proved that!

Photography | Silver Orchard Creative 
Venue | The Manor at Silo Falls
Hair Artist | Azure Salon & Day Spa LLC (Bridesmaids) Elements of Style (Bride)
Bride hair Piece Etsy-BelleMichelleUSA
Make-Up | Megan Conyers (Friend of Bride )
Florist | Something Borrowed Blooms
Officiant | John Hallis- (Family Friend of the Bride) 
Stationery | Zazzle and Shutterfly
Bridal Dress | JJ’s House
Bridesmaids Dess | Azazie
Groom and Groomsmen Suit | Suit Shop


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