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Kristen and Brett are a very well loved couple- it was a theme that felt ever present during their Lodge at Little Seneca Creek wedding. At every point, their friends and family would throw their arms around them (yay for vaccinated weddings!) and squeeze them. Many times as they broke away, there would be happy tears. The most notable moment was when Kristen did a “bestie first look”. Because of Covid, she had to trim the bridal party but had this core group of friends that she wanted to share these moments with. When they turned around to see her in her dress, it was an explosion of emotion and many screams. It was wonderful!

The other really unique thing about their day (and every photographer will be jealous of this), we ran 15-30 minutes early consistently, throughout the day. It might have been Kristen’s super calm vibe and careful planning but nothing was forgotten, every vendor was on their game, and it was amazing. Almost unnerving because weddings never run so early- often we are perfectly on time. Thank goodness I had a great second shooter, Pam, who kept checking the timeline to assure me we haden’t missed anything. So what did we do with that extra time? We took more photos! Kristen and Brett hung out with their friends before the ceremony, they stayed out of the heat- it was glorious.

After their deeply moving, and cinema filled ceremony, we escaped the heat and went down to the creek. It felt so magical, with Kristen’s sparkly dress, the light coming in with the water trickling by, Brett looking at her like she was the most beautiful girl in the world. I love this moment every wedding day. It’s the first time you’re really alone on your day with just your new husband or wife. You two have time to talk while we have you kiss or look at each other lovingly. Its your moment…well we almost had a scary crasher in the romance. While down by the river, a brown lab, soaking wet and muddy came bounding over to them. Pam and I immediately shileded Kristen and I was able to call the dog to me. Those big muddy paws hit me but Kristen and her dress were spared. Lucky for the owners who came around the corner a second later. Keep those puppies leashed people! You never know what is around the corner, no matter how deserted the path!

Crisis fully avoided we headed back to the party for some of the most beautiful toasts. Kristen’s sister especially had us all in tears and singing Hamilton. Before long it was dances and the party vibe carried us away! They had some great dancers at their wedding but I still loved how Brett would be dancing and just look back to Kristen and smile.

Happy Wedding Day you two- “May you always, be satisfied!”

Photography: Silver Orchard Creative 
Reception:  The Lodge at Little Seneca Creek
Second Photographer: Pamela Bell 

View Kristen and Brett’s Engagement Session Here


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