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Alex and Azad have become such special people in our lives. Alex and I work together as graphic designers. We both got hired within a few months of each other, we wound up planning weddings within a span of a few months of each other. Ryan and I followed their house hunt journey closely- they moved out of their apartment, into Azad’s parents basement….sound familiar? It should- we stole their playbook!

So when Alex told me they were expecting I was over joyed! It felt like the final step in this great journey they have been on… and yet it’s just the beginning of the greatest adventure yet! This was one of those times I got to play 2 rolls- friend and photographer. Ryan and I attended the baby showers as guests but during our talks, Alex started telling me about all the work her mother was putting into the shower- I’m really glad I offered to take some photos because their shower was classic and beautiful!

Then Alex and Azad came out to see us because the sunflower field next to my house was in full bloom. We had so much fun with their maternity photos. It’s such a unique session- kind of like engagement sessions in that everything about it as the hope of a moment close at hand but also a celebration of the now. After the sunflowers we got go out for a double date. I felt like a teenager again- staying out to 11pm! I’m sure that they are up at all hours now that their son is here! No sleep but full hearts!!

Love their baby shower and maternity session? Check out the session we did to celebrate their move!


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