Emma and Colin’s Arlington Backyard Elopement



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In March, weddings started postponing left and right but a few brave couples saw opportunity instead of concern. Emma and Colin have been together “for ever”. Really- they went to prom together, and have been engaged for 4 years. I joked with Emma they have been engaged longer than Ryan and I have known each other. I met Emma three years ago- we work together at my day job and I, like many, just assumed they were already married. Nope. They had been putting off planning a wedding because…its tough! But then a pandemic hit and all of a sudden it felt a little easier.

Venue- Easy, their house. Dress- online. Flowers- dried bunny tails in honor of their giant rabbit Buddha. Invitations- mailed packages to their closest family and friends including “virtual clinkies” wine glasses and popcorn for their Zoom guests. Only her mother was physically there. Cake- Emma made it during a virtual cake baking party a few days earlier.

They also incorporated Colin’s Scottish ancestry by using his family’s tartan and the 17th century dagger that had been passed down through the generations, along with the crown broach, and small sword pin. These family heirlooms reside with relations in Boston but it’s tradition to cut the cake with the dagger…so Colin and his cousin each drove to New Jersey for an heirloom hand off.  To answer the questions I know your asking- yes, this was hands down the coolest details shot. Yes, its heavy. Yes, that is a real jewel in the pommel. Yes, the detail work is incredible. And yes, I fully endorse weapons probably once used in battle to be used to cut wedding cakes, as long as they are family heirlooms. 

Emma and Colin showed how to do a virtual micro-wedding. Thoughtful details to weave family through the day and meaningful engagement with their friends and family virtually. Their family joined them on Zoom for the ceremony, first dance, toasts from their best man and maid of honor (who both dressed up at home) and cake cutting. They asked everyone virtually to hold a stone during the ceremony and to make a wish for the couple to later send to them. These small touches helped guests feel like they were participating- not just watching. Once we were done with the Zoom reception, we made use of their Arlington location and drove down to the Potomac and did portraits with the Washington Monument in the background.

There was no compromise in the beauty of the day. No compromise in the meaningful connection the two of them shared. It was a “normal” wedding in every way except guest count. And it was perfect!


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