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Effortlessly romantic and perfectly feminine. Fine art boudoir session at the Estate at River Run outside Richmond Virginia.

When looking at the dominate styles of boudoir in the industry I found a lot of black lingerie, heavy shadows, and bold eye contact. Nothing wrong with that style- it just wasn’t me and it didn’t feel bridal. In my head I had this cinematic vision of a woman preparing for her wedding day or a special date. Women are beautiful and we have a natural elegance that makes ordinary moments feel so glamorous. The tilt of the head, the lips parting as she concentrates on putting her earrings in. The swing of her hips as she walks down the hallway. Her eyes softly meeting the camera, with a shy smile…

I wanted boudoir images that were timeless, rooted strongly in fine art principles, that capture the natural femininity of the female form. Women poses a natural sensuality and I wanted to capture that in a way that felt organic rather than forced. My boudoir uses simple storytelling to keep the posing realistic and the stunning Estate at River Run provided a backdrop that infuseses fantasy into each image.

Ultimately, I realized that the images I wanted to create were different than what I was used to seeing precisely because they were being told through a female photographer’s lens. These images are not being told through a male gaze with haunting looks and overt sexuality. It’s a story for women. Swirling robes down long oak hallways. Stone terraces and crystal chandeliers with 10ft long see-through dresses. Every image is a tease, a whisper of what might be…fingers trailing lingerie straps…the robe slipping off the shoulder. Sensuality is as much about what is not shown as it is about what is shown.

The great irony is that many of my boudoir images are fairly covered and it will be a great challenge for the woman who sits for the session to not share every single image publically. It’s a unique gift to be given images of yourself where you radiate confidence, beauty, strength, gentleness, and sensuality. Women decide to do boudoir images for a variety of reasons, most commonly to gift to their partner but every woman inevitably learns that this sessions is for herself. It’s a chance to feel wholly and completely adored. To have proof of their beauty immortalized, at the very least, just for herself.

Vendor Team

Photography | Silver Orchard Creative

Venue | The Estate at River Run

Hair and Make-Up | Dena Leann

Models | Condrea Z (Listed with Permission. Other two modes names withheld by request but featured with permission.

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