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The first question most ladies ask when preparing for their boudoir sessions is, “What type of lingerie should I wear to my boudoir session?” This question has to be answered with another question. “What will make you feel beautiful and confident?” That is the standard. When you look in the mirror you should whisper to yourself “Damn.” However the following information will help you search the internet and lingerie stores.

First let’s discuss what we carry.

Our Client Closet

We own a small selection of robes and props that you are free to choose from. We are adding to this list all the time so please ask us what’s new!

  • Pink Ruffle Robe (Fits 2-12)
  • White transparent dress with 10ft train (Fits 0-8)
  • Pearl shawl (First 0-12)
  • Cathedral Veil
  • Draping fabrics in dusty rose and creme

For the Modest Woman

Modest and Boudoir? Really? Is that even possible? To some degree, yes. I believe that what makes boudoir so sensual is suggestiveness which, as counter intuitive as is sounds, can be achieved with more clothing or fabric. I actually suggest starting with a more modest look, just to warm-up a bit to the session before moving to the more revealing looks. Modesty is how you want to define it. Silk pjs or slips, robes or even over-size shirts and chunky knit sweaters all make for great starting looks.


Robes are one of my favorite props/looks. They pair perfectly with your lingerie but still give you the feeling of more coverage. For my style of boudoir in particular, a robe acts as a softening effect or adds drama. The main reason I love robes though is because they add story to a session. In a robe you might be preparing for your wedding day or a special date with your beloved. You’re getting ready, slipping on your shoes with the hem of the robe brushing your thigh. As you prepare for your date the robe slips away…. Or perhaps you choose our dramatic ruffle robe. The hem gracefully trails on the ground as you run through the halls of the manor like a French perfume add. There is fantasy, teasing, and elegance in a great robe. Plus, its a piece you will get to use for many years.

Single Piece Lingerie

Often called a Bodysuit or a Teddy, this single piece will feel just like a one piece bikini, thought often it will be a bit more revealing in the back. This is an excellent piece for anyone who wants a little extra coverage. Although I think every woman’s natural shape is gorgeous, some style of body suits come with shaping effects, if that is a desire.

Bustier and Baby Dolls

A bustier is an extended bra top that often covers the midriff and often has boning in it. Bustiers are well known for accentuating the bust and provide a traditional boudoir look. Many bustiers would also have straps to connect to garters. Baby dolls are bras that have draping fabric that often falls just above or just below the underwear. These provide similar midriff coverage but because the fabric is loose, it allows for more movement provides a softer look.

Bikini Style Lingerie Sets

The classic! You probably have a few favorite sets at home already, this is every woman’s go to. It shows off your body and the styles are limitless. Bikini style lingerie is great for the more sensual images without going fully nude. I adore white and light colors to keep the images sensual and tone down the heavy sexy by just a few degrees. It’s a very fine line that I try to walk.


Nude does not necessarily mean full frontal nudity. In fact, being wrapped up in sheets or fabric is one of my favorite looks for boudoir because even though we can fully cover you, just the fact that you are naked under the fabric provides that thrill. It is also the completion of the story of boudoir. If the robe starts the boudoir story with you preparing for a date, then the lingerie is the the next step, the nude image is the final step in the story. However if you are feeling bold, we can do full frontal nudity. I can show you images privately but after an hour of photographing, you would be surprised how comfortable this can be. For true nudity, that storytelling element really becomes powerful. A voyeuristic approach of you tangled in the sheets, or applying lipstick in the mirror, or in the shower adds that powerfully sexy element precisely because that moment is so normal. It’s exactly the kind of image that will draw you (or your partner) back time and time again because now thats the image.


For my particular style of boudoir I tend to recommend white or light pastel colors. My style is marked by romance and femininity so light colors help enhance that mood.

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