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When deciding if you should wear a veil for your wedding day the decision is entirely the bride’s. But I’ll offer my reasons to be pro-veil.

Why you should consider a veil

Veils feel bridal

This almost feels obvious to say but it is often overlooked. Many ladies have worn beautiful dresses before (especially ladies who have attended many formal events or come from a pageant world). A veil though, is uniquely bridal. There is something about it being placed on your head that is a magical moment.

Stunning Portraits

A veil is the ultimate prop. I can bring it front of the camera for beautiful, classic portraits. I can have it float behind you for epic portraits. If we tuck you both under it we can do really romantic (dare I say, sexy) portraits. For just the bride, often holding and playing with it gives us more variety for your individual portraits.

Enhance the style of your dress

A beautiful satin gown with no detail is stunning. But add a lace trimmed veil and the look becomes iconic. A blusher veil gives you the classic “lifting of the veil moment. Or a sparkly glittery veil adds playfulness. Take a minute at your next appointment or fitting to try a few styles and see how you feel about it.

It’s an heirloom

Sometimes veils are the easiest heirloom to incorporate. Either the original veil can be used or I’ve seen brides take the lace of a relative’s wedding dress and have it stitched on the edge of the veil for a new heirloom. Plus your veil becomes an heirloom to pass down to the next generation.

How long should the veil be?

Short (Shoulder/fingertip)

This veil ends right above the bum. While able to drift a little can’t really be “thrown” and are not long enough to cover you both for the images described above, however they still feel completely bridal. I particularly like lace fingertip veils because you can really admire the lace detail.


These mid length veils are a great compromise if you don’t want it dragging on the ground, but want enough length to play with for images.

Chapel or Cathedral (these are the veils long enough to trail on the ground behind you.)

These make for the most epic portraits and give us the most to play with. This was my own veil length because I wanted the grand look and the tossed veil image.

When in doubt. Always go longer- you will never regret the images and you only get to be a bride once.

Want the veil images but don’t actually want a veil?

Buy cheap veil from Amazon and use it just for the photos- there is no rule that says you have to use it for the ceremony. This is such an easy “cheat” that gets you the romantic images without having to worry about the veil. Many of my brides wear it exclusively for portraits.

When do I take off the veil?

This is a bonus question because I get asked this a lot. You take it off before the reception. Hugging and dancing can pull on it too much, so many brides opt to take it out before the party, however you are welcome to keep it on if you love it!

Bridal Boudoir

A boudoir session is also a fantastic place to use your veil. My bridal boudoir sessions are soft and ethereal, more sensual than sexual. A veil is the ultimate accessory during boudoir- it creates softness, mystery, and creates a link between your boudoir and your bridal images.

Veil Inspiration

Enjoy some veil and portrait inspiration to help you hunt for the perfect veil for your bridal look!

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