Fort Smallwood Engagement Session: Katie and Mick



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Katie and Mick have a lot going on in their lives. They are planning an out of state wedding, while planning an international move AND managing this during a pandemic. They are amazing.

They reached out few months ago because I photographed another wedding at Mick’s parent’s home. They had recently gotten engaged but because of the upcoming move, the wedding has to happen like now. Or rather, then. It’s already happened. We did their engagement photos 2 weeks prior the wedding. I’m already editing their wedding!

To stay focused on this moment though, their session is a great example of why it’s worth it to actually arrive before sunrise. Typically sunrise session means a little after sunrise however when you are on the water you actually get a true sunrise because you can see the sun come up over the horizon. The weather report said it would be cloud free which is the recipe for sunrises- and you can see for yourself how epic it was! The other fun phenomenon was the sand on the beach. It was wavy but because it was so cold, the ground was frozen so we got so many cool photos. While I would love to photograph here again, I’ll admit we may never get such a combination of natural events. Thats the cool thing about photography- truly a moment in time.


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