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You may recognize Sam. She second shoots with Meghan and myself. I also assisted Meghan in photographing her wedding two years ago. And now her sweet baby girl is a full year old! In two seconds you’ll see why Sam and I get along so well. We both have, (what my husband calls) “vision”. I call it an eye for detail and commitment to visual excellence. So yeah- “vision”

Seriously- check out the decor for this amazing birthday party! Every detail was thought out. The color scheme is sophisticated but still fun and feminine. Also, her husband Shawn gets lots of credit- he is a full on proud girl Dad and totally embraces “the vision”. Sam proudly told me how he made all the tassels himself.

All of this to say- Maddie is one beloved little girl. As close family gathered, the guest of honor was still snoozing peacefully. She made her grand entrance about 30minutes into the party. Because she is Sam’s daughter she had lots of poses for the camera (clearly she recognizes a pro-camera) and then happily allowed herself to be passed from Aunt to Uncle to Grandparent, giving each the most beautiful smiles- if they made silly animal noises for her. The big moment was the cake (which was in-fact a blueberry muffin with frosting- which was met with strong approval.

These are the moments I love most- joining families for milestones. Even better that Sam has become such a good friend!


  1. […] she and Shawn were guests at our wedding. Heck I helped photograph her wedding! When their daughter Maddie turned one I photographed that so it felt so nice to join them as the welcomed Alex […]

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