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For the past few years now we have a little tradition of meeting up with Ryan’s sister, her husband, and our two nephews for Christmas photos. Both Amanda and I create photo Christmas cards and she helps their parents make one too. So we have to get photos of Ryan and I, and then Amanda’s family and all of us.

This has turned into a great excuse to get good at self portraits with a remote and a chance to find a new park. Especially this year, we decided to find somewhere the boys haven’t been because getting out of the house is a rarity.

We wound up going to a park in our own Columbia that has this big white barn and a playground next to it- perfect! I loved the idea of a more neutral background and boys loved the playground. Photos maybe took 15 minutes but we hung out for another hour or so- it was such a warm fall day in the sun and it was lovely to catch up, and pretend life was normal. We won’t get to see the again until Christmas, even though we live close by.


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