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I’ll be honest, I was worried we weren’t going to get any fall color for Meghan and Tom’s engagement session. We were going to go to downtown Annapolis but a storm came in a few days prior and took all the leaves. But her friend lives right by Quiet Waters Park and did some scouting for us (get a friend like this) and said there were a few trees still in color.

So we met in the park and were treated to another great natural treat- mist! We literally pulled off the side of the road and ran to the center of the field to grab a few quick shots before it dissipated. This is where Meghan and Tom proved how easy going they are. I typically start a session with a 15 minute lesson in posing but I just threw them in and they rolled with it!

We then explored other parts of the park and the great treat to me is that half their session was photographed in a parking lot. No joke- that big red tree with the lantern- middle of a parking lot. It was the most vibrant red and the light was perfect. So thank you Meghan and Tom for trusting me because I know it feels a bit nuts to go to this huge, beautiful park and then stay in a parking lot. But that image of them next to the lamp post is one of my all time favorites! And those ring shots- parking lot lol! But I hope this shows- above all else, we go to where the light is beautiful because that is what gives that gorgeous glowy look!

I also need to end with a shoutout to their adorable dog Tapper- who certainly earned his name. He really does tap when he walks and is fast like a bullet- so much fun to watch. A second shoutout to their friend and Maid of honor who joined us to manage Tapper.


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