Rachel and Tim’s Boordy Vineyard Proposal



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When I met Tim at Boordy’s a few days before the proposal, he mentioned Rachel was annoyed that he left the house on a rare day off to run errands. She had no idea he was picking up her ring after we picked the perfect proposal spot.

The day of I got there early. I convinced my mother, cousin, and husband to join me while we waited. I wasn’t sure if it would be crowded or not. If it wasn’t, I didn’t want to stand out. As we waited, out of nowhere, a rain storm hit- a full downpour 10 minutes. Tim later told me that Rachel said, “if it’s still raining when we get there we are turning around.” Thank goodness that single mean cloud was gone when they got there. There was a question that had to be asked!

Tim got their wine. I was sitting one table in front of them. My husband was facing them, letting me know what was going on. The spot we picked for the proposal was just front of me, so they had to pass me to get to it. Now I’m getting nervous, just waiting for Tim to make the excuse to walk along the garden. Proposals always give me a new appreciation for how big a moment this is for those who do the asking. So much anticipation!

But soon Tim made the excuse, and they headed to “the spot”, Tim held her had as he spoke to her, and then he took a knee. Her hand went her mouth in shock. And then that smile- the smile every girl has when it fully hits her what is happening – spread across her face. He put the ring on her finger and when he stood up, she gave him a hug as the crowds at Boordy’s cheered for them. She finally spotted me.

We took a quick walk around Boordy’s for some “just engaged” portraits. Rachel was a champ as she found herself in a photoshoot she didn’t realize was going to happen- but there is nothing like that glow after saying yes! We had fun listening as she put the clues together- her mother’s well timed need for a manicure, that she just had to tag along for. His shaking hands when they first arrived. As I returned them to their table, Boordy’s dropped off a bottle just for them. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment- Cheers to Rachel and Tim on a new chapter of your love story!


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