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The Rawilngs Conservatory is one of those amazing hidden gems of Baltimore that many people forget exists. It’s timeliness, romantic, and impressive- so perfect for engagement sessions. Inside are different ecosystems for different plants. This also allows us to get really unique and different styles of photography.

This is something Ashley and Sean know really well. They are stylish people- Ashley is a graphic designer myself so they understand imagery and how environment impacts photography better than most. Over all, I’m a pretty bright photographer- I like lots of light in my images, lots of playfulness and joy. Ashley and Sean love that, but they also love moodier photography as well. Intimate, quiet, intense.

The Rawilngs Conservatory was perfect blend of these two looks. The outside and main garden is flooded with light so we did lots of silly playful stuff there. But the tropical garden, with the giant dark leaves, the dim light was perfect for those moody dramatic shots. Their session is a master class in how location impacts photography. So if there is a specific vibe you want, we have to really work sometimes to pick locations that naturally enhance that esthetic. Their wedding venue will be an extension of this vibe- The Assembly Room in downtown Baltimore. In fact…I’m about to head their now. Today (September 12th) is their wedding day!!


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