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Mary Ellen and her family were the winners of the 2019 Christmas Bazaar giveaway at St Francis in Fulton MD. We waited until early summer because they welcomed a beautiful daughter, Olive.

We started on the docks of Centennial Park. Porter liked the ducks and pointing them out to us. Pointing out his new sister…well not as much. That is to be expected though- he is two and she has only been around for 3 weeks!

As we made our way to the lake, we climbed fences, got a few more smiles but sometimes being two is really hard. Eventually we called it quits. And I desperately want every parent to know – tantrums happen. Kids melt down- especially the 2-3 range. I maintain that is the hardest age to photograph.They want to be independent, they arn’t as easily distracted or comforted- IT IS OK!

This is why family sessions are up to an hour and half. We have time to walk and try to reset and if that doesn’t work- we can reschedule. Were you able to tell some of these photos are taken a month apart? If photography of your family, with natural smiles are your goal, then the top priority for kids is always to keep them happy at photo sessions so when do it again, they only have positive associations. For Porter, that was the case. Our second time was all smiles AND cuddles with his sister!


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