Lindsey and Scott’s Backyard Wedding



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In some ways, a tent in a backyard feels like the most timeless of all weddings! And in a pandemic, it certainly is the safest option!

Lindsey and Scott are one of those couples that compliment each other so perfectly. Scott is absolutely a guys-guy. He is a Baltimore Police officer, a little serious until you get him to open up, but as guests arrived, you saw he had this magnetic pull- people just flock to him. Lindsey comes off a little more reserved- she runs a tight ship but if you thought Scott was the party one in the couple- well, she puts him to shame on the dance floor!

Each of their getting ready’s were special in their own way. Scott had their son Trey with him. There is something so sweet about a father/son duo putting on ties. For Lindsey, her family brought the tears. First, her brother in the house started the waterworks for all of us. Then her father continued the crying trend during their first look. I warn every couple that I cry during first looks- especially father/daughter first looks and you can see why. Her father just melted when he saw his littler girl in her white dress.

The ceremony and reception was held on private property at a family friend’s home. The ceremony was between two trees overlooking the horse pasture. Trey was the sweetest ring-bearer, although he didn’t seem quite as interested in his parents ceremony as he was the horses.

Later during the reception, Lindsey’s father brought us all to tears again during his toast. And then Trey and Scott brought the laughter as Scott was heart-fully thanks guests and Trey and a little girl just danced around him stealing the show. But ohhhh boy – when the party started, it started! You could feel how much everyone was just happy to be together, on a dance floor and letting loose after months of uncertainty. Hands down one of the most crazy dance floors I’ve ever seen. I wont even show you all those photos!


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